London elected the first Muslim mayor had been pulled out of marijuana (Figure)

The descendants of this Pakistani immigrant became the first Muslim mayor of the British capital
The results of the mayor of London, England, announced Sunday morning that the candidate of the largest opposition party Labor Party, Sadik Khan (see photo), won the obvious advantage. The descendants of this Pakistani immigrant became the first Muslim mayor of the British capital. However, "Muslim" is only an identity tag of Sadik Khan. 45 years old, he has been stressed in the election campaign, they are out-and-out London, diversified, dynamic "London made me." In the face of election opponents to take his religious beliefs and identity background to make a fuss, Sadik Khan said after the election, London "chose the hope rather than fear, chose the unity rather than split." Defeated the wealthy children after two rounds of votes, Sadik Khan won more than 1.3 million valid votes, the vote was nearly 57%, beat the main rival, Conservative candidate Zach? Goldsmith, become the following? Livingstone, Boris Johnson followed by the third by the direct election of the mayor of London. Sadik Khan has thus become the first Muslim mayor of Western capital. New York City Mayor Bill de Brasio, Paris, France, the first female mayor Anna? Hidalgo, etc. have "sent a congratulatory message." 41-year-old Goldsmith had nearly 43% of the vote. The Goldsmith family is famous in England. His father, James Goldsmith, was a financial predator, leaving 1.2 billion pounds ($ 1.73 billion) for his family after his death in 1977. Goldsmith himself believed to have inherited a quarter of them, the second richest member of the House of Commons. He was enrolled in the prestigious aristocratic high school Eton school, was pulled out of marijuana. Sadik Khan is born cold, according to Agence France-Presse, his life is like a modern fairy tale. "Because he is a Muslim, an immigrant (descendants) from the working class, so he understands that the working class can be labeled with them," said Shah Zad Sadikui, a businessman in the Tutin district. Was discredited to split the identity of Muslim and Pakistani immigrants to Sadik Khan in the election campaign to incite opponents discredit. Many spectators said that the London Mayor election was an "American-style" negative campaign that was "dirty". Goldsmith pointed out that Sadik Khan "engage in split", with the religious radicals on the same stage speech, to provide "oxygen." British Prime Minister David Cameron and other Conservative Party members have repeatedly pointed out that Sadik Khan "sympathy" Islamic extremists. Interior Minister Teresa Mee said that Sadik Khan as a human rights lawyer had to defend the religious extremists, if he served as the mayor of the capital, will bring danger to the British. British media reported that the Goldsmith camp using the contradiction between India and Pakistan, send leaflets to the faith of Hinduism, Sikhs voters, said Sadik Khan is a dangerous figure, but also threatened that the Labor Party came to Italy like gold jewelry after the Indian Family plus gold jewelry tax. In fact, as a member of the Labor Party, Sadik Khan belongs to the liberal, who had been threatened with the death of extremists because of parliamentary voting in support of homosexual marriage. In the face of discredit, Sadik Khan said he was "British Muslims fighting extremism", while Goldsmith and the Conservatives tried to create fear and split voters in London with multiculturalism. In 1970, Sadik Khan was born in the southern part of London, a multi-ethnic Tutu district, the parents are from Pakistan's immigrants, living in low-rent housing, the family a total of eight children, He was asleep before he was 24 years old. Sadik Khan often recalled that his father was a bus driver, driving London's famous red bus, the mother was a tailor, and several brothers had car mechanics, some boxing coaches. He also likes boxing, a child often encountered in the streets with some racist speech abuse of his people, learned to use his fist to protect themselves. Sadik Khan joined the Labor Party at the age of 15, was a dentist, a teacher found his eloquence, suggested that he study the law. After graduating from the University of North London, Sadik Khan took the road of professional lawyers, specializing in human rights, in 1994 into politics, from local councils to enter the national parliament. In 2008, he was appointed Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the Labor Party as Minister of State for Communications, became the first Muslim cabinet in the UK to participate in the Cabinet meeting. From 2010 to 2015, Sadik Khan has served as Minister of Trade Ministers and Minister of Justice. In the campaign program, 10 "priorities" to promote the future development of London, including the settlement of the housing crisis, the freezing of transportation costs in four years, the strengthening of community security, and the support of business development. , Improve air quality, increase public employment training, protect the basic income of the public, solve gender inequality, and promote social equity and tolerance. [Relations with China] to protect London's Chinatown development in relations with China, Sadiq Khan had promised during the campaign, he was elected will continue to support the Chinese New Year festival in London in order to carry forward the Chinese culture, and Chinese businessmen and local government cooperation to protect London Chinatown development, cooperation with the London business community to promote economic ties with China and East Asia, to support the Chinese community in London to build a monument to commemorate the war during the First World War to support the Chinese workers. Most of the people in London do not mind Muslims when the mayor of London's more than 8 million inhabitants is more than one million Muslims. Pre-election polls show that most Londoners do not mind Muslims as mayors. British media in the report of this election also rarely highlight the identity of Sadik Khan. According to the Associated Press, despite the terrorist attacks in London, including the "7? 7" bus and subway bombings that killed 52 people in 2005, the antagonism between different races and religions is not seen in some other European cities high. In the context of the European refugee crisis, the exclusionary and extreme right-wing ideas in London did not gain. Reuters said the Conservatives' negative election tactics were counterproductive and that many of the voters interviewed were disgusting. "Fear will not make us safer and will only make us weaker." Sadik Khan said in the winning speech, "and our city does not welcome 'fear politics'." The original Conservative election strategist Steve Hilton told the BBC correspondent that Goldsmith's election tactics had given the Conservatives themselves a "dirty party" label. Even Goldsmith's sister also said that she understood the younger brother is not like this way. In accordance with Hilton's argument, Sadik Khan's victory to the world to pass the London "positive energy." Election Labor Party in London but failed in Scotland Sadik Khan victory, making the Labor Party in eight years after the re-administration in the capital. The largest opposition party performed well on the election of the local council in London on the 5th, with more than 40% of the vote. However, in this "super Thursday" British local elections, the Labor Party in many areas suffered setbacks. Especially the Scottish local parliamentary elections, once occupied the dominant Labor Party tragically Waterloo, fell to third place, the Conservative Party is against the Labor Party, becoming the second largest member of the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish National Party, which supported Scotland's "independence," won the election for the third time in a row, keeping the status of the largest party in the Scottish Parliament, but two seats away from the majority of the seats. The Associated Press said it could weaken the Scottish National Party's efforts to push the "independent referendum". Export polls show that many voters voted to oppose immigration and advocate Britain's departure from the British Independence Party of the European Union. In the traditional "pro-European" Wales, the British Independence Party won seven seats for the first time to enter the Welsh Parliament. The right-wing party also won two seats in the London parliamentary elections, also for the first time. Labor has maintained the status of the first party in the Welsh parliamentary elections. In Birmingham, Newcastle, Sunderland and other major cities in England, the parliamentary elections, the Labor Party lost seats, basically to keep the victory. In the last year in September the election of Labor Party leader Jeremy? Colbin, the local parliamentary elections is a "exam." If you encounter a loss, known as the "socialists" of the Corbin may be the middle of the party to send the palace. He commented on the election results that the Labor Party in Scotland needed to revive, but maintained its advantage in England. But Corbene's critics argue that his left-wing policy advocates led many voters to be discouraged, and the Labor Party should have used the Conservative Party's internal disagreement before the referendum on June 23 and the Conservative government's unpopular reduction of public To win some seats. Matthew Goodwin, a professor of political science at the University of Kent in England, said Labor had suffered "serious trouble", "the third time in 1910 and the third in Scotland, and failed to make an impressive record in southern England." According to Xinhua News Agency

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